Curtain Fabric Online & Curtains: The Ultimate Guide

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curtain fabric online

Man! This curtain fabric and these curtains are great! From where did you get them?" said the guest while convening herself in the couch. Don't you just like when someone compliments your interior and your fashion sense? Well, it turns out that everyone wants to receive compliments and when someone is complementing your interior decor then it really feels great.

Though the curtains may not seem much but the beauty and glamour that it adds to your interior are priceless. While a set of dull curtains can surely diminish the aesthetic values and looks of your room, a good set of curtains always makes the environment of your house cheerful and lively.

"How do I choose the curtain fabrics that completely change the dull look of my interior?"

"What curtain fabric material will be perfect for my house?"

"Where can I get the curtain fabric I want? How will I maintain them after buying them?"

"Should I buy curtain fabric online?"

There is a myriad of questions that hit your mind when you finally consider getting some new curtains for your home. And if the truth is to be told then shopping for curtains is one of the most arduous jobs that exist on the plant, especially if it is your first time buying the curtains for your home.

So, how will you get the answers to all these questions that are hovering inside your brain? Well, you can sit in front of your computer and spend hours on Google to make the right decision. But, does not that become very hectic?

Luckily, we have brought a complete guide so that you can get all the help you need to buy the perfect curtains for your abode. So folks! Get yourself ready and hop on the train as we are going on a journey to select the finest and most suited curtains for you.

Table of Contents:

  1. Different curtain types and how to choose the right one

  2. Different curtain fabric types, curtain fabric texture and what fabric to choose

  3. Types of curtain hardware and accessories

  4. How to decide what curtain color or style to choose?

  5. Custom-made or Readymade curtains: Which one is perfect for you?

  6. How to measure the fabric required for the curtains for all designs?

  7. Tips to get the right measurement for your curtains

  8. How to take care of curtains?

1. Different types of curtains and how to choose the right ones for your home:

So! We are at the very first step of solving the puzzle of choosing the right curtains for you.

But you must understand that hanging any type of curtain in your room is not enough if you truly want to stand apart from others and to make your interior truly magnificent.

Different types of curtains

Choosing the right curtains for your abode can be truly overwhelming since there is a throng of different options available in the market. From different choices available for curtain fabric, rod and color of the curtains, the job can get really difficult at times. But you need to choose the perfect one for yourself while buying the curtains since they are heavily priced. So, it will become a big loss for you if the curtains do not perform well.

  • Box Pleated Curtains: The box pleated curtains are known for their classy tailored look and they swathe into cavernous folds down the complete length of the curtains. The box-shaped pleats get arranged next to each other providing your curtains with a formal and classy look. So, the box pleated curtains are the absolutely perfect choice for you if you are looking curtains for your office room, dining hall, living room, study or lounge.
    Box Pleated Curtains
  • Eyelet Curtains
    Eyelet Curtains: Well, what to say about the eyelets or the grommet curtains; the light fabric and impressive design set them apart from the rest of the pack. The main attraction about the eyelets is the silver rings at the top from which a rod totter through. And the best part about these curtains? They are easy to hang and you do not need to do anything very difficult to maintain them properly. This makes the eyelets perfect for the bedroom of your kids. But if you vouch for a very formal design and more classy fabric then the eyelets will be perfect for the lounge or the dining halls. The no kerfuffle design is the main USP for the eyelet curtains.
  • Rod Pocket Curtains: You must be very precise while choosing the rod pocket or the cased heading curtains for your room. There are high chances of the design not matching with your room. So, what should you do? First, ask yourself whether the curtains would be needed to open or closed frequently? If yes, then the rod pocket is not ideal for you. This design is actually ideal for the lightweight fabrics or the nets, so it is best if you do not open or close them frequently. These curtains needed to be hung with a slender curtain rod which will knit through the curtains and fit in the sockets. Since the rod requires being a tight fit with the curtains so it is best if you do not open or close it regularly. Thus, the rod pocket curtains are well suited for your formal sitting room or the rooms that are occasionally used.
    Rod Pocket Curtains
  • Tailored pleat
    Tailored pleat Curtain: The tailored pleat, does not this name sound familiar? It turns out it has a much more famous name, the Euro pit. Well, the tailored pleats are known for their less fussy design and high aesthetic value, so many people choose the tailored pleat design over the other styles but that is a completely personal decision. The euro pleats work best if they are made from the best quality fabrics since they would need a good lining if ought to be designed out of the light fabrics.
  • Pinch Pleat Curtain: Pinch pleated curtains have some similarity with the tailored pleat ones but pinch pleated curtains are much more classy and grand. Though the ultimate finishing for the pinch pleated curtains is much more formal than that of the rod pocket curtains but the decoration at the top of the pinch pleated curtains adds a special eloquence to your room. The substantial curtain fabric material is ideal for designing the pinch pleated curtains. Now, the question that surfaces is that what types of pinch pleated curtains are there? Well, there are five different types of the pinch pleated curtains, which goes by one finger pinch pleated curtains, two finger pinch pleated curtains, three finger pinch pleated curtains, four finger pinch pleated curtains and five finger pinch pleated curtains. Though the cost increases with the number of pinches but the curtains also become much more grandeur. And it is one of the few types of curtains which you can hang in any room you want since it brings glamour, elegance and dignity to your home.
    Pinch Pleat
  • Goblet
    Goblet Curtain: Are you looking for classy yet formal curtains that are ideal for a majestic room in a traditional house? Then, the goblet curtains are the best choice that you can make. Actually, if you have high ceilings and want to make your room more ethnic, then Goblet curtains will do the job for you. The shape of the pleats will remind you of a wine glass filled with imported champagne and it will ground your roots much deeper into your cultural traditions. But check whether your goblet has an interlining or padding while buying since they play an essential role to keep the goblet in proper shape.
  • Venetian Blinds: Venetian blinds are the most common type of window blinds that you can avail from the market. The thing that makes the venetian blinds special is that they go with any window style and work very well in any room. These blinds are uniquely designed with wooden, plastic or metal slats placed over each other with a string holding the slats together in proper position. The venetian blinds add a formal look to your interior and are best for the office rooms, studies or hall rooms.
    Venetian Blinds
  • Vertical Blinds
    Vertical Blinds: Vertical blinds have a similar design to the Venetian blinds with the only difference being the pulling system works in a vertical direction rather than in horizontal direction. It is one of most fashionable choice to give a modern outlook to your home. The vertical blinds do not allow the dust to come inside your house and are best suited for large sliding windows or the patio doors. As the vertical blinds are available in a range of fabrics, the choice totally lies upon the customer.
  • Roller Blinds: Roller blinds are ideal for blocking the light from entering the room. It is still considered to be a very posh conventional choice for one’s household. They have a unique single piece design though they look very similar to the venetian blinds. The roller blinds usually work in the spring or side-way chain mechanism. These blinds allow the light to enter the room completely when they are opened and when closed they block the light completely. It lends a classic style to your interiors and rolls up perfectly into just one small roll.
    Roller Blinds
  • Roman Blinds
    Roman Blinds: The Roman blinds are usually made from sleek and fine textured fabrics which add a majestic look to the interior. Though the roman blinds are very similar to the roller blinds but you will be to move them up or down as per your wish. Unlike roller blinds, these blinds do not roll up into small rolls but cover a major portion of the window pane. As the roman blinds do not fold fully, so you can flaunt your sense of fashion by purchasing the most appealing roman blind that will enhance the beauty of your interior. One can also add trimmings to their roman blinds that will definitely give ‘an extra wow’ look. If you need to give your interior lavish and luxurious looks then the roman blinds are best suited for the job.
  • Bathroom Curtains: Natural fabric bathroom curtains are usually made of cotton or linen and come in various weaves and thicknesses. A shower curtain made from a textural material like linen in a solid color, offers a simple, appealing look. And if it gets dirty, it’s easy to take down and wash. In a tight space, a shower curtain also provides better accessibility. Shower curtains are mostly made of plastic material as water resistant properties are very important.
  • Exterior Blinds
  • Motorized Blinds
    Outdoor Curtains: Outdoor curtains create an elegant, flowing look. Because they move in the breeze, letting sunlight into the space, they create a dappled effect, but don’t provide as much continuous shade as the other types. When hung over a veranda or pergola entry, they can take on the appearance of an elegant, old-world portiere. Choose fabric that is fade- and mildew-resistant, and manufactured for outdoor use. Outdoor curtains are best for both privacy and sun protection. 
  • Exterior Blinds: It is just like a shield that helps in maintaining a pleasant temperature inside your room by preventing all harmful rays and dust from getting in. Exterior blinds cover the windows, decks, porches or patios from outside and it directly helps one to make some major savings as the temperature inside the house is well-balanced. Be it retractable or roll-up or entertainer styles, the exterior blinds are quite effective. In addition to it, the exterior blinds come in various styles and sizes and one can pick the favorite designs as well as colors.
    Exterior Blinds
  • Motorized Blinds
    Motorized Blinds/Curtains: Doesn’t that lethargy stop you from moving to rolling up your blinds? Or don’t you simply want to enjoy the gorgeous view of outside just by a single click on the button? The motorized blinds are the ultimate solutions. The tubes that are fixed in the motorized blinds help to pull shades up without pulling any string. They gain power from the batteries, however, hardwired, solar power and even DC power adapters are used to ease-up the blind lifting process. But do not worry about the colors, fabrics or patterns as all the blinds come in wide range.

2. Different curtain fabric types, curtain fabric texture, and what fabric to choose:

Perhaps choosing the right curtain fabric for your home is the most compelling task while you are looking for buying curtains for your beautiful abode. The right curtain fabric will bring out the beauty from the designs that you have in your mind. Moreover, it is an essential step since the durability as well as the longevity of the curtains completely depends upon the type of fabric that you choose.

"What material should I choose?"

"How many fabric materials are available?"

"Geez! This is getting so complicated".

"Okay! I need help to choose the best curtain fabric online India".

Aren’t these the exact things that you are having? Yes! It is natural to have these things cross your mind since there is a swarm of curtain fabric online; so choosing the best one for yourself can become highly frenzied at times. But there is no need to get worried; just follow the lead and you will come to know everything.

When you are chasing the best fabric for your curtain then go beyond the colours and the designs. Let some screws get loose but feel the fabric with your own fingers by keeping the braces of "being ashamed" aside. Feel the fine texture of your fabric; see how the fabric sheaths and lines up; and above all check the transparency of the fabric before vouching for it.

Are you ready to attain expertise in the fabrics for the curtains? Then, make up your mind, keep scrolling down and start taking your notes since we are about to unveil the knowledge of fabric materials for you.

  • Lined and interlined fabric: The curtains manufactured from the lined fabrics are known for their absolute excellence. The lined curtains provide a highly professional look, block more light and proffer more insulation than the unlined fabrics. So what makes the lined fabrics so attractive? Well, the colour of the fabrics do not fade away easily and the curtains add a special look to your house when viewed from outside while they are drawn closed. The white or unbleached cotton is generally used to weave the lining fabrics. The special blackout fabrics are also deemed as perfect lining fabrics and they are one of the best choices for your bedroom since the blackout fabrics block the light with utmost efficiency and provide insulation. If you live in a cold place then the interlining fabrics will serve you the best. The interlining fabrics are made by sandwiching an additional layer of fabric in between the outer and the inner layers. The interlined curtains help you to keep the rooms heated in the winter and make you feel cozy and comfortable.
    Lined and interlined fabric
  • Sheer Fabrics
    Sheer Fabrics: The sheer fabrics are generally made from lightweight materials and they are mostly used as a decorative additional layer over the opaque windows to gear your privacy up. The delicate fabrics create a romantic and love-filled environment in your abode. The eyelets or grommets are usually manufactured from the lightweight sheer fabrics. Though you may think that no bleached or white fabrics will be more difficult for you to handle or maintain but there is nothing to worry about since you will always have the option to make the design as simple as possible. But if you ought to reimburse your home with vibrant colours then there is a horde of lightweight and transparent sheer fabrics, which are mostly made from polyester, is available in the market. These fabrics come in a wide spectrum of colours and sometimes with prints. But here one thing must be remembered that the polyester fabrics are slippery thus they are very difficult to work with if you are thinking of customising your curtain. However, there are rustic versions of the sheer fabric available which are loosely knit and make you look sassy as well as bold. Burlap is a good example of the rustic sheer fabrics.
  • Printed fabric: Everybody needs to spice up their lives a little bit and an interesting interior plays a big role in it. But how will you make your interior more attractive? It turns out the printed curtain fabrics can make your interior a lot more attractive and spice in your life. They come in a wide variety of prints from floral to comic book characters; all you need is to choose the perfect one for your room. Printed fabric doesn't need maintenance like out curtains and they are very easy to manufacture and replace. These kinds of fabrics are highly recommended for any space and style of interior design.
    Printed fabric
  • Garment or Quilting Fabrics
    Garment or Quilting Fabrics: Garment or quilting fabrics! Are they even a real thing? It is normal to have these kinds of questions crossing your mind. These fabrics are lightweight and they do not even an impressive thread count. But does that make them the worst of all? It turns out that the garment or quilting fabrics even with their shortcomings can be weaved into some finest curtains. These fabrics are used especially as lightweight decorative window treatments. These fabrics are perfect for lightweight curtains which need to add eloquence to the atmosphere of the interior rather than being highly functional. Does it get complicated a little? Okay! Let us make it simple for you. These fabric materials are perfect for the curtains which will not be opened or closed frequently. The rod pocket curtains are a fine example of the tapestry of the garment or quilting fabrics. However, you can also use the fabric for the curtains that will be hung for a limited period, like for the bedroom of your child. Though there are few shortcomings but if you use your creativity and sense of interior designing then the garment or quilting fabrics can do excellently when knitting into curtains.
  • Jacquard weave: Jacquard weaves are woven on special looms and the fabric is revered highly due to its complex woven designs. The best thing about the Jacquard weave is that they are made from the polyester materials which are also available in satin and matte finishes. So, you will have a multitude of options available from which you will be able to choose the style that suits your interiors the best.
    Jacquard weave

Curtain fabric materials:

  • Cotton Curtain fabric material
    Cotton: Though you may prefer cotton clothes over everything else but cotton may not be the most intelligent choice when it comes to the curtains. The lightweight cotton curtains allow adequate airflow throughout the room and even prevent the heat from entering the rooms. But the cotton curtains come in a myriad of designs and varieties but you will have to maintain it properly otherwise your curtains will turn into a waste piece of cloth real soon.
  • Linen: linen is a billowier fabric that provides a tailored look and is perfect for a casual dining area, every bedroom or contemporary living room.  It also allows some natural light to pass through due to the sheer fabric. Linen is a lighter material and it should be dry cleaned only, and hung immediately to avoid forming wrinkle.
    Silk Curtain fabric material
  • Cotton Curtain fabric material
    Polyester: When it comes to curtain's materials, the polyester is the best fabric material that you can choose for your curtains. They are easy-to-wash, very light in weight and most importantly the pleats formed are very regal. That is why most of the people look out for the polyester fabric with high-quality finishes and beautiful designs to make their haven eloquent.
  • Silk: These silk curtains have that royal look because theancient kings and queens preferred the fabric silk for all purposes. Though the woven fabric is known as the silk fabric but the material is actually polyester with a silk finish. The 100% silk curtains will be very hard to maintain and you will not get the feel thus polyester is mixed with it to weave the finest fabrics. With the use of magical silk, breathtaking curtains are created that give an elegant touch to the surroundings.
    Silk Curtain fabric material 

3. Types of curtain hardware and accessories:

If you think that choosing the right type of curtain and fabric is enough then "my friend" you are mistaken. That was just the beginning of what promises to be a really long journey. Though choosing the right fabric and best-suited curtain design is important but it does not imply that you can neglect the matter of "how to hang the curtains". The curtain rods and accessories are as important as the curtain itself since they magnify the beauty and elegance of the interiors.

Generally, the foremost thing that is required to hang your curtain is a curtain rod. The rod will weave through the curtain to cover your window section properly. But you need to be very careful while purchasing the rods since you do not need your rod to be of the exact size that of your curtain to bring out the real elegance.

Types of curtain hardware

Whether the accessories are hidden or exposed, they really present themselves as a major design aspect to set the ultimate fashion statement for you. So! Refurbish your mumbo jumbos and be an expert in no time.

  • Elbow Brackets: Sometimes, you will require the drapery rods and the wall angles to follow your lead. But how will you do it? The answer is simple. You just need to place the elbow brackets at the corners of your room to realign the drapery rod in accordance with the wall angle. But before you buy your elbow brackets, you need to measure the wall angles to get the perfect thing.
  • Decorative rods: The name speaks for itself. Yes! Any rod that comes with the designer finish or wondrous decorations can be touted as a decorative rod. Most of the decorative rods come along with matching decorative rings to complete the solidity the design with your interior.
  • Centre Support: Gravity can sometimes be highly treacherous; especially when you consider mounting drapery rods for your curtains. Hence, support in some form becomes necessary at times to prevent the rod from bending. The center supports are generally placed just below the drapery rods at the center of the window.
  • Finial: Finials are the decorative accessories that are usually used on each end of the rods. You will be able to buy finials in different shapes, sizes, and decorations. So you will have the complete freedom to choose best ones which will be coherent with the interior of your house.
  • Drapery arms: The drapery arms are actually very short sections of the drapery rods which are used for flanking the windows. They are purely used for interior decoration purposes since they are only used if the draperies are meant to be stationary. But these arms make your interior look graceful and chic.
  • Tracks: The tracks are the latest trends in the world of interior designing, so if you are a traditionalist then you might not find it very amusing although it looks absolutely gorgeous. If your wall space is very small and the windows go from ceiling to the floors then these ceiling mounted drapery tracks are the best thing you can choose for your room. The curtains glide along the track in a perfect manner thus providing you with an easy opening and closing.
  • Traversing Rod: Who does not want to be a wall full of beautiful and stylish draperies? But closing and opening the curtains becomes highly problematic due to the weight of all those elegant fabrics. Hence, the traversing rod which will allow you to open or close the draperies by just a few gestures on the strings. Moreover, you will also have the option to hide the traversing rod if it is not very decorative with the architectural pelmet.

Video: Watch the video to know about the drapery accessories in details

4. How to decide what curtain colour or style to choose?

What colour curtain will be perfect for my living room? It is a trivial question that crosses everyone's mind at some point while designing the interior. Proper selection of the curtain colours is the thing that needs your focus from the very beginning. While the vibrant colours add a lighter and jolly tone to the atmosphere of your abode, an error in choosing the colours will make you feel cringed and has the power to make your environment gloomy.

If your room is sunny and gets light in abundance then light or cool shades will be perfect but if that is not the case then use vibrant colours to add more light and warmth to the room.

So, how will you select the right colour for different rooms of your space? Well, have a look:

  • Mute shades for the bedroom curtains:Your bedroom is the best place in your house. It is the place where you come after a long day at work to get a little solitude and rest. So, you will not want any shade which distracts you from unwinding and be yourself. Hence, it is always best to go for the mute shades like green, muted blue or pearl cream grey colours for your bedroom. It will make your bedroom elegant, beautiful yet completely relaxing and cosy.
  • Experiment with different colours for your living room curtains:Your hall room is the place which needs the warmth of bright colours. It needs to be the liveliest place in your abode and the colour of your curtains must have to be in a complete harmony with the colour scheme of the living room. So let your imagination run free and let your draperies fly high.
  • Colour of the curtains is essential when it comes to the kitchen. The space of kitchen is much smaller than the other rooms of your place; so choose the curtain colours that go with the overall interior decor of your kitchen.
  • Kids Room Curtains - For your kid's room you should buy colorful, playful kids character curtains. Buy only natural fabric curtains like 100% cotton curtains for kids.

 Video: Want to know how to choose the right colour for your curtains? Watch the video

Curtain fabric with matching wallpaper:

Matching your wallpaper with the curtains is one of the chic fashion statements of all time. With a little advice, you will be able to change the outlook of your room completely.

Why will I want to match the curtain fabric with the wallpaper?

Maybe you have thought about this before and it turns out that matching your room's wallpaper with the curtains can be an ultimate fashion benchmark that you will set for yourself.

If you love colours and different patterns then reimburse your rooms with fine wallpapers then choose matching curtains for your room. You can vouch for different geometrical patterns, floral shapes or mute shades for this purpose. It will not only make your home look regal but it will also set you apart from the rest of the flock.

5. Custom-made or Readymade curtains: Which one is perfect for you?

The draperies are the most trivial features when it comes to making your room a perfect design statement. While decorating your dream haven maintaining the classiness is a must thing to do. With a wide range of options available in between the readymade and custom made curtains, choosing the perfect one for your beautiful haven can be very daunting at times.

But what will be the perfect choice for you? Well, the ultimate decision has to be yours but here is a comparison between ready-made and custom-made curtains which might help you in this overwhelming selection process.

Readymade curtains:


  • You will be able to get the readymade curtains delivered to your doorsteps instantly. So they are highly convenient in terms of delivery. There are plenty of curtain manufacturers and wholesalers who have all the design available.
  • There is a wide variety of readymade curtains available in both online or offline stores; from which choosing the one that goes with your interior decor is nothing close to a difficult task.
  • The readymade curtains are also less costly than the custom made ones. Hence, from the economical point of view, the readymade curtains are the ideal choice


  • You will not be able to confirm that only the best material has been used in designing the draperies.
  • You may not get the measurement precise
  • The color scheme of the readymade curtains may not go with the color scheme of your interior.
  • They’re available in limited size options, so ready-made curtains may not be a perfect fit for your home.
  • Limited options for curtains at one place. You may not find all types of curtains at one location.

Custom made curtains:


  • You will be able to select only the best fabrics and the design for your curtains.
  • You will be to get the curtains of exact measurements
  • You will be able to totally utilise the value of money that you are paying.
  • You can also add in extra features too, such as additional lining, tiebacks and headings for a bespoke look that meets your needs.


  • The costs of custom made draperies are higher than that of the readymade ones
  • It takes a deal of time to get your curtains properly designed.

6. How to measure the fabric required for the curtains for all designs?

Taking the proper measurements of the fabric is necessary when it comes to the getting your curtains custom made.

"Will have to take measurements? Oh god! Why?"

You may scream like that in your mind but to get the proper window treatment and to make your interior look classy and regal, taking the proper measurements is necessary. Here’s how you can do it:

  • At first, measure the width of your window treatment
  • For the length of the curtains, measure the length from one of the poles of the mounted drapery rods. Measure the length up to the point till which you want your curtain to fall.
  • If you are doubtful about the heading then just double the measured length of the heading.
  • Please see the image below and measure all the Alphabets. Your curtain width should be at least 6 inches wider on both the sides from window and height should also be 6 inches higher.
Measure the fabric required for the curtains

7. Tips to get the right measurement for your curtains

Where to buy? Comparison between offline and online

When it comes to buying a curtain for your room, you are presented with a myriad of different online or offline buying options. But what option will be most suitable for you? Have a look and decide for yourself.

Buying Curtains Fabric Online:


  • With a variety of curtain fabric material online India, choosing the best ones for you has become an easy job.
  • You will get a complete assurance of getting exactly what you are paying for.
  • You will be able to find the stylish curtain that reciprocates with your home decor.


  • You will not be able to check the quality yourself with your own hands before buying.
  • You may not get what you are paying for.

Buying Curtains Fabric Offline:


  • You will have the option to choose the curtain after properly testing its fabric, design, knitting, quality etc.


  • The offline curtains are heavily priced
  • In this digital age, it is much more convenient to order the perfect curtains with few clicks on your smartphone rather than hovering from one place to another to get best one.

So, having mentioned the pros and cons of online and offline buying, online shopping does have more benefits as compared to offline shopping such as the convenience which you can get thorugh online shopping. There are no lines to wait in to do your purchases, and you can do your shopping in minutes. Online shopping give us the opportunity to shop 24/7, and also reward us with a ‘no pollution’ shopping experience. Also, you can get better deals and prices through online shopping because products come to you directly from the manufacturer or seller without middleman being involved. And you can get several brands and products from different sellers all in one place.

Often times when we're out shopping, we end up buying things compulsively that we don't really need. All because shop keepers pressure us or use their selling skills to compel us to make these purchases. Sometimes, we even compromise on our choices because of the lack of choices in those shops. And comparing and researching products and their prices is so much easier online. That is why, many people now prefer buying online rather than offline.

8. How to take care of curtains?

Though it is true that curtains add a special design statement to your abode but it is also true that without special care, the curtains will start losing its glory. Worried about how to take proper care of your curtains? Here’s everything you need to know:

  • Protect your indoor curtains from sunlight. Sunlight may fade away the colour of your curtain and it has a very bad impact on the fabrics.
  • To prevent the dust from storing in your beautiful curtains, gently shake off all the dust or dirt while drawing your curtains close to each other during the night. This will help in keeping your curtains new for a long time.
  • Dusting is necessary if you prefer to clean your curtains with the use of moist cloths.
  • If you notice any stain in your lovely curtains then immediately clean those stains. The strong stains may not easily wash-off if you keep it unwashed for a long time.
  • Wash your curtains with cold water and mild detergents only when they get utterly dirty.
  • Before deciding to wash your gorgeous curtains, confirm it from the dealer the material or fabric is washable or not. Some materials are suggested not to wash as it may shrink on the first wash itself. In such cases, remove the dust with the help of vacuum cleaner or any clean cloth on a daily basis.
  • In the case of a lace curtain, the washing is a tough job. The best way to get a clean lace curtain is to tumble in the dryer on the air cycle. However, the new age lace curtains can be hand washed or you can use your machine to get the best results.
  • But for drying works, one must not leave the curtains out in sun for a very long time. As suggested above, sunlight may lead to the discoloration and is also harmful to fabrics. So, leaving out the curtains to dry outside under the sun for longer hours is not a safe option as creases may appear. It is wise to remove the curtains when they are slightly damp and to dry the curtains, simply iron it.
  • Clean your curtains with a vacuum cleaner at least once in a month to avoid the dirt heaping over the curtains.
  • Never store your curtains in a damp or moist area. Once you start storing your curtains in a dry area, the curtains will get a strong unpleasant smell. Always store your curtains in dry areas.
  • You can also iron your curtains when necessary to main their crisp look. To avoid any damage to the fabric, you can press them inside out. Put the iron on the lowest setting and glide it over the curtains gently.

Curtains are the most elegant features of your home and they make your haven more majestic. It can easily beautify the whole location. So, follow the guide and choose the best thing for your home to set a new designing benchmark.

Video: Watch the video for taking care of your curtains


Curtains can make even a simple room look awesome and new. You understand the value of curtains and curtain fabrics to your interior space and now you have armed yourself with huge knowledge about curtains and curtains’ fabrics. We tried our best to share our industry knowledge with you so that you don’t fall for incorrect design or product. 

With this information, you can decide what you want and how to get it. We are sure, buying curtain fabric online will be a lot easier now.

Do you think we are missing something or something is incorrect? Please leave a comment below. We would love to hear your views. 

In case you need more information or need our help please feel free to get in touch with us.

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