A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide on Fabrics Online (India) – What, Why, Where & How!

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Online Fabrics in India: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide (2018)

Fabric, not only enhances the beauty of the furniture but also makes your space look awesome. But, deciding the fabric, judging the quality, choosing the patterns and understanding the suitability of a certain fabric are some real challenges which act as an obstacle to efficient upholstering.

A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide on Online Fabrics in India

How many time does your fabric shopping got postponed, canceled or ruined due to the lack of knowledge or wrong choices? Sometimes, you just can't decide what to buy while other times, you end up wasting money for absolutely nothing. It happens due to your little awareness about the availability of fabrics online in India.

Everyone has brainstormed about how to buy fabric without making mistakes and wrong choices. If your nearby market lacks the variety and quality, the question must be hitting your mind too.

I will help you get the answer to all your questions here. You will learn about upholstery and curtain fabrics – types, textures, colors and more technical stuff, along with these important details, you will get to know about how to buy, what to buy and much more.

So, if you want to buy fabric online (India), you should follow everything discussed throughout this article.

Table of Contents:

  1. Fabric Material: Types and variants
  2. Synthetic Fabrics
  3. Blended/Processed Fabrics
  4. Deciding fabric for different spaces
  5. How to select right colors while buying fabric online
  6. Technical Details to Buy Fabric Online
  7. Where should you buy your Fabric from
  8. Why NOT buy Fabric from Offline Stores
  9. The Advantages of Buying Fabrics from Offline Stores
  10. How to buy fabric online in India
  11. Upholstery and Curtain Fabrics Maintenance Tips
  12. Conclusion

Buying fabric for home decoration and furnishing is easy, safe, and excitement-raising tasks if you have good knowledge about the fabrics. If you are planning to remodel your home or restore your old sofa, there are many things to know about.

Fabric exists on earth for thousands of years. With time and improvements in technology, you now get unlimited variations, styles, colors, and quality while the raw material remains more or less the same. Remember three things while purchasing fabric -

  • Choosing right color, type, design, pattern and material of upholstery or curtain fabrics is not that difficult as you may think. So just relax!
  • For sofas, chairs and other such furniture, light fabrics can be used in for low usage furniture but for the heavy use, you would need to use fabric which has medium to heavy martindale rub count. We will talk about martindale rub count in detail later as it is very important technical factor that will answer many of your durability questions

1. Fabric Material - Types and variants

Whether you are going to buy fabric for your lavish sofa or for the curtains, there are many things to know about. Quality, variety, colors, and some more metrics can be used to understand the fabrics before you make a purchase.

To start with, here are the three major classifications of fabrics –

Types and variants of Fabric Material

  • Cotton


This is so obvious, cotton is one material which will never go out of fashion. Cotton is the most amazing and versatile fabric that is in use for ages. New technology and material science have produced some very good man-made fabrics but nothing can challenge and will be able to challenge cotton. Everything about cotton fabric is positive, it is difficult to find any negatives.

If you are looking for something which perfectly opposes wearing, piling and fading – go for cotton. However, it is less resistant to wrinkles, fire, and dirt. Unlimited colors, designs, patterns and what not is available in cotton. Cotton can create a cool, calm and soothing environment due to its natural properties. Above all, cotton is the most environmentally friendly natural material known to us.

  • Linen

Linen is one of the most common natural fabrics. It is made from the fiber of the flax plant. It is a beautiful fabric and known for coolness and freshness during hot weather but it wrinkles easily. It should be used in living rooms, adult spaces and formal areas as it get soiled quickly. For shrinkage avoidance and durability, you should always get the soiled linen upholstered by professionals. The linen fabric is resistive to piling and fading.


  • Silk

Soft, delicate and lavish! Silk is a perfect choice for the formal and adult areas. It is one of the most expensive fabrics.Silk cannot be used anywhere because it is expensive to maintain and is less durable. Just as the outfits, it can be used for curtains and for upholstery for a royal look. Very high-end private residences and hotels use silk for curtains and furniture upholstery.

  • Wool


Wool is either used as stand-alone or blended with the synthetic fibers. In both cases, it's durable and sturdy. If you are using blended wool, cleaning will be easy. Also, it reduces the chances of felting (bond-loosening between the fibers). Piling, wrinkles, soiling, and fading are less visible in wool. Blends can be spot-cleaned if needed. Wool as an upholstery fabric is used in colder regions only.

  • Leather


hough leather is not a fabric but it is a natural product used for upholstery. Just like cotton, this is the oldest material known to us. The leather is tough material and lasts really long if maintained properly. Upholstery leather is mainly produced from bovine animals hide.

To clean leather, vacuum or damp-wiping can be deployed. Leather conditioner and saddle soap are generally used for cleaning leather. Because of the high price, wastage and limited color options, leather is not used that much as compared to fabrics.

  • Synthetic Fabrics

  • Polyester


Polyester is the most commonly used versatile synthetic fabric. Any kind of natural fabric can be imitated by polyester. Polyester is a polymer and produced by big petrochemical industry. It is blended with other fabrics to avoid crushing, wrinkles and fading in them. Overcoming the negative properties of other fabrics, it can solve the problems of the users. Today's home textile industry is dominated by Polyester because it is cheap and easy to maintain.

  • Nylon


Nylon is one of the strongest upholstery fabrics. It doesn't soil or wrinkles easily but fading and piling are common. The applications of nylon are rare in home decoration due to its nature. However, its used with velvet and other blends such fabrics to avoid their crushing, in order to keep the grace of those fabrics untamed

  • Acrylic

To imitate natural wool, acrylic was developed. If you are using low-quality acrylic, it may pill or get scratches easily. While in high-quality acrylic, pills and scratches are less frequent. Also, it resists the wearing, soiling, fading, and wrinkling really well.

  • Acetate

Acetate is an option for silk fabric as it can fairly resist piling, mildew, and shrinking. Soiling takes time for acetate but the sun can cause wearing, wrinkling and fading. So, its neither a good choice for tough everyday use and nor for the areas getting direct sunlight.

  • Rayon


Rayon is developed to imitate the fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk. Wrinkling is easy for rayon fibers. If you are looking for durability, high-quality rayon is a wise choice.

  • Leatherette


Leatherette is an amazing alternative to natural leather. Its less expensive and vegan product (well, mostly!). It is produced by covering natural or synthetic fibers with PVC or polyurethane. Unlike the black and brown colors in pure leather, there is a good diverse range of colored faux leather fabric in the market.

The premium appearance, animal-friendly and vibrant colors of this faux leather make it a perfect fit for Indian homes. Though durability of faux leather is less than real leather.

  • Vinyl


Vinyl is a perfect alternative to leather. You 'll need to spend less amount of money for buying it. Excellent durability and fewer care requirements make it a better choice for the busy living rooms and family dining area.

  • Blended/Processed Fabrics -

These are the fabrics which are produced using different processes, techniques, and combination of natural or synthetic fabric materials.

  • Chenille


Chenille, translating to the caterpillar in French, got its name due to the uplifted soft pile-like pattern of threads. The specialty of this fabric is the attractive colors, comfort, and smoothness. Though it is generally made up of synthetics fibers like rayon, polyester but originally used be prepared using natural fibers like cotton. Sofas, printed side chairs, kids furniture, etc. can be decorated using Chenille.

  • Velvet


This shiny and soft fabric is elegant in appearance and comprises fine royal texture. The regal Indian feel of this luxurious woven fabric can alter the look of your furniture. Velvet just like chenille is made from synthetic fibers these days but originally it was manufactured from natural fibers mainly silk. Original velvet made from silk is very expensive fabric and difficult to maintain. It can be used to give traditional Indian flair to the furniture. Button-tufted headboards or chairs can be upholstered for a lavish finish. Velvet products can also be prepared using synthetic fibers.

  • Jacquard


The raised pattern is weaved by jacquard loom during this fabrics manufacturing, instead of printing the pattern on it. An intricately woven pattern of Jacquard makes it a perfect fit for upholstery. Jacquard is a type of weaving where different yarn s are woven together to produce complex and beautiful designs.

Finesse, quality, style, and color of the fabric yarn decides the texture & quality of Jacquard fabric. Floral, damask, brocade etc patterns of jacquard fabric are common these days and they add charm to your home.

  • Cotton Blend

Cotton blends are comparatively stronger fiber. So, using it for everyday areas and family gathering places is a nice idea. Weave decides the strength and quality of cotton blends. Cotton blends are specially prepared to combat the popularity of cotton in Indian circumstance by enhancing its qualities.

  • Embroidered Fabrics

Embroidered Fabrics

Embroidery is blooming in India from ancient time. The textile craft, which is about making a cloth piece beautiful by sewing gracious patterns with needle and thread, is called embroidery. Its considered as a declaration of wealthy status in many cultures, especially the handcrafted one. The affordability and amazing feel of embroidery can give a new look to your furniture.

  • Printed Fabrics

Printed Fabrics

Usually, two types of printing are done on fabrics, one is block printing and other is digital printing. Digital printing has a huge advantage over block printing but it is more expensive. With digital printing you get unlimited color choices, numerous patterns, and multiple textures – that's the specialty of printed fabrics.

Block printing is simple and low tech manual printing. A designer pattern is cut/engraved on a wood block and this wood block is dipped in the required dye and pressed on to the fabric. This process is repeated to cover the whole fabric.

Taking the interior designing to new heights, printed fabrics can add an ultra-modish flair to upholstered objects.

2. Deciding fabric for different spaces

The color, design & type are the main elements in deciding yourhome decor. If any of these elements choice went wrong, you may end up with an eye sore till the time you deicide to redo your interiors. Consider the durability, need and other such parameters also to understand the worthiness of a fabrics type for your requirements. Also, analyze which space, furniture or area will be decorated.

How to Decide fabric for different spaces

Internationally natural fabrics are preferred by the customers because of environmental concern, health benefits, unlimited options, easy maintenance, and availability. Though in India customers are price conscious so cheaper polyester is in demand.

Check sunlight exposure, the busyness of area, walls color, rooms design and other complementing materials which are already showing off at your home while choosing the fabric.

  • Living Room is usually least used space and it is only space which tells your guest about your taste and your personality. So you should use luxury fabric like velvet or leather.
  • Your dining room, bedrooms are used often so easy to maintain fabric should be used like 100% Cotton.
  • Patterned fabric upholstered furniture should be grouped with solid curtains and vice-versa.
  • Polka dots, neutral points, paisley print, and small shape textures can be tried for boosting the energy level of the living area. It makes the place look stylish and bold
  • For a change, you can try large prints with the color, matching to décor.

Curtain Fabrics

Curtains play an important role in controlling the mood swing of home residents.

So, here's what you can try -

  • Silk or velvet can be used for the formal spaces. Both these fabrics are cleaned by dry-cleaning only.
  • If you are thinking to wash the fabric often, cotton will be excellent.
  • Billowy linen and crinkly crushed velvet are good to go with if you are looking for a casual feel.
  • Cotton, cotton blends, wool and wool blends are perfect to fill the room with a neat and classy feel

3. How to select right colors while buying fabric online (India)

Select right colors while buying fabric online

To fantasize and decorate the room with curtains and furniture covers, color is a considerable factor. Light filter through the curtains while other fabric applications decide the rooms feel. You may choose to blend curtains color with furniture, wall or top.

  • To blend the fabric with rooms décor, use same or darker shades of fabric. You can try non-dominant subtle color shades.
  • If you want to make the living area look fabulous, add bold colors.
  • The curtains, through which the light is entering the room, should be selected carefully. Light colors e.g. pink will cherish the environment while blue may add comfort

Please see following color combinations which always look good.

Color combinations

4. Technical Details to Buy Fabric Online - without mistakes!

Before we move to describe the technical details, you should understand the main classifications of fabric online (India).

Light Use: The fabric on furniture, like an armchair which is not used every day

Moderate Use: For normal purposes. Used daily but less traffic.

Heavy use: The fabric which can be used for years without replacing.


Fabric weight and density of the cloth in grams-per-square-meter is called GSM. Higher the value, the plusher will be the cloth. For example, a towel with high GSM will be thicker, soothing, comfortable and more durable. For curtains, lesser GSM would work really good.

Rub Count and Martindale Test

Rub count is the number of passes which the fabric can bear without changing its shape. Martindale test defines the type of fabric on the basis of the rub test. Table shows the Martindale specifications precisely –

Fabric Type for UpholsteryRubs
Light use15000 – 20,000
Medium use20,000 – 30,000
Heavy use30,000+

Check out this Video to learn how Rub Count is measured –

5. Where should you buy your Fabric from, Online or Offline in India?

This section covers the advantage list for why you should purchase fabric online.

Online or Offline Fabric in India

Check the enlisted points to understand the unsung benefits of making online purchases -

Variety and Options

If you are visiting an offline store in the nearby market, how many options do you have?

The answer is limited or may be very limited. But, if you are buying the fabrics online, you will be overwhelmed to see the options. Every fabrics type, variants, colors, textures or brands can be found online. If you reach our online fabric store, then you will find numerous types of fabrics to choose from. Due to ultimate and countless varieties of fabrics, nothing can overrule the charm of online fabric stores which are reliable and quality-oriented.

Ease of Buying Fabrics

How tough is it to click subsequently on the button, one after another, when you have a well-formed website to help you with the decision-making?

Absolutely easy as we say!

Once you are on our website, search for the desired fabric. You can also use the filters to specify the details. Finally, select the product and make an order. After that, there's nothing left to do for you except picking it up.

You need not step out of your home and wander into the markets to buy the needed fabric.

Price and Free Samples

We offer free samples if needed. So, before you place your bulk order, you can try those samples to confirm the product quality and other characteristics. Unlike other online stores, you can ask for free samples, prior to making an investment in our goods.

Competitive pricing makes Lets Fabify the best destination for buying fabric for any upholstery needs

Color coordination help

The most confusing thing about the fabrics is selecting the color and texture. At our online store, you can ask the experts to help you out in making right choices. We can creatively help you with the color coordination selection at Lets Fabify.

Product Quality - Value for money

Our products are quality-oriented and classy. However, the prices you 'll pay for buying fabrics will be affordable and reasonable. We believe in delivering the value for money, which shows up through the increasing customer satisfaction and clientele.

6. Why NOT buy Fabric from Offline Stores – Pros vs. Cons

Have you ever been to offline fabrics stores? Were you satisfied with what you purchased?

Now, here's a no-brainer – Offline stores are the toughest place to buy at, especially if your requirements are different from what they sell.

Why NOT buy Fabric from Offline Stores

Everything has its own pros and cons. In the case of offline fabrics stores, cons are dominating. Learn here, why should avoid buying fabrics from them –

Lack of Variety—Salesmen’s View takes over your choices

Consider you reached a store, where a specific type of fabric is not available. You have already checked the nearby stores, so you 'll naturally head to take salesmen's advice. The concerned person will deviate you from your requirements (after all, there are being paid for it!) and motivate you to buy an alternative texture/color/type. Convinced and tired of searching, you ll make the purchase.

Did you saw what just happened?

You have compromised with your choice because of sellers wit and your confusion. On the contrary, online stores have numerous varieties to choose from.So, you will not have to make alternate choices.

You’ll pay what THEY want!

There are a very few fabrics stores in any area. Understanding the restraints of the buyer, offline stores charge higher prices for their goods. In online space, competition is booming to control the prices.

No Guarantee of Quality

Online stores have to maintain a quality standard by deploying quality controls and checks while there is no such provision for the offline stores.The quality of fabrics at these stores generally depends on the competition in market and honesty of the seller.

Less Convenience

You have to invest time in making an offline fabric purchase. Going to market during a busy schedule, pollution and traffic doesn't seem to be a good idea when you have better online alternatives to making the purchase.

7. The Advantages of Buying Fabrics from Offline Stores

Not to forget, offline stores have some pros as well. These are –

  • You can see and feel what you are buying.

  • Sometimes faster than online deliveries.

8. How to buy fabric online (India)

Buying Fabric Online is not as tough as buying it from an offline store. The reasons are discussed in the next section.

How to buy fabric online in India

In this section, our focus will stay on how to buy fabric online (India). At Lets Fabify we currently offer two methods for online buyers, which are –

i.Buying from Our Website

It is pretty simple. You just need to browse through the categories and products to select the suitable product for yourself. You can save your choices for later as well.

In case you liked a product but need to share it with your partner or your friend you can do it from product page itself. Share any product on Whatsapp, email, facebook etc.

You can use search bar if you know what you are looking for. You can search by material, color, fabric type etc.

Finally, place an order for the desired product and do the requisites as our website instructs.

ii.E-mail your requirements to our back-end team

In the case, if you are new to buying fabrics online (India), it will be a good idea to contact our back-end team before placing the order. You can also do the same if there is some urgency or bulk requirement.

The benefits of contacting our back-end teams are –

Tracking Order

It is required for you to track the placed orders. By doing the following, you can ensure the timely receipt of the fabric. Also, make sure, you should receive the consignment and pay duty payment (if any) on time. If you failed to do so, we will not be able to deliver

Payment Method

Our website offers completely secure payment methods for the buyers. You can either make the payments online while placing the order or pay it when the consignment reaches your doorstep. There may be some cases, in which, Cash on Delivery is not applicable.

9. Upholstery and Curtain Fabrics Maintenance Tips

Upholstery and Curtain Fabrics Maintenance Tips

Well. As you are done with shopping fabrics, you must learn some useful upholstery tips as suggested below –

Once you receive the order, the first thing to do is –unwrap and check it. This way, you can immediately send it back for replacement if defects occur. For washing the fabric, we will recommend dry-cleaning. For more information, you can re-visit the product and see additional information tab which talks about fabric care in detail.

  • Select the fabric according to the needed durability. Buying an expensive fabric, which may retire in a month due to overuse/changing trends, makes no sense.
  • Buy the fabric if and only if you loved the appearance of it, along with the quality.
  • Always buy some extra fabrics as you may need it sometimes. Also remember, there is no expiry date for it
  • Every fabric needs maintenance now and then. Following steps will help you in taking care of your lovely fabric.

    For natural fabrics like cotton, linen or cotton linen blend, simple washing with mild detergent is good. You can follow these steps to clean your fabric

    • Step 1—Vacuum clean your upholstered furniture regularly. Before cleaning it yourself vacuum it again thoroughly.
    • Step 2—Apply water-based mild detergent on local stains and complete upholstered furniture. Leave this detergent for few mins before you start cleaning it. Any detergent which is good for your clothes is good for your upholstery fabric. You can use Ezeeor specialized products like 3M Scotchgard
    • Step 3—Rub with a soft brush to remove dirt, stains etc.
    • Step 4—Clean the fabric with water and use vacuum cleaner to suck out the water as you are cleaning it
    • Step 5—Let your upholstered furniture to dry in dust free room for few hours.

For curtains, you can simply hand wash them with some mild detergent. You can do machine wash as well but please make sure, the setting of washing machine should be kept at mild.

We recommend getting your fabric dry-cleaned for all the other fabrics

Silk, Chenille, Velvet are difficult fabrics to maintain so do get very good professional help for cleaning. Never try to clean these fabrics yourself.

Leather can be cleaned using wet soft cloth with mild soap.Never use any kind of acid or harsh chemical on any fabric or leather.

10. The Conclusion

Fabrics have potential to give a modish and appreciable look to your space and can do wonders only if you know enough about what to buy and how to buy.

Choosing environment-friendly, healthier fabric like 100% cotton fabric makes sense in today's world.

Be careful while buying fabrics online, make sure that you pick a trustworthy online store for buying fabric in India.

For more information, you can visit our website

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