About Us

“Every home deserves a makeover.” ~ Team Let’s Fabify


The Intention


At Let’s Fabify, our passion for making the world a prettier place drives us. Our very strength is our vision and the creativity that comes from within to help us create marvels that are adored and admired. To make our uniquely designed and tremendously finished products available at a larger scale, we gave birth to this organisation and called it Let’s Fabify. Hence, www.letsfabify.com is our endeavour to make your home a prettier, warmer, and stronger place.


The Design


To sweep you off your feet, our in-house designers work every day to come up with designs that are fresh and unique. Each member of our design team specialises in a different genre. As a result, you will find the entire range of designs with us be it traditional, European, modern, or contemporary.


The Establishment


Entrenched in the year 2013, the founding duo of Mr. Ravi Mittal and Mr. Dipesh Aneja had been in the business of manufacturing and selling high-end furniture and fabrics for the number of years. At Let’s Fabify, we pride ourselves on delivering unparalleled quality as we go to lengths to make sure that each of the product that we deliver has quality written all over it. We trust in building strong relationships and that helps us to magnify the height of our work.